Alpine the Place to Be, Not Boston

Well, I still managed to have a great weekend despite the White Sox struggling in Boston.  I was in Wisconsin hanging at a friend’s cottage on the Twin Lakes and seeing Coldplay perform at Alpine Valley.  We too had the threat of rain all weekend, but we never felt a drop and saw the best band in the world put on a great show.    Coldplay_2

Too bad the show in Boston wasn’t as great.  I thought for sure that after taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees we would definately take the first two games in Boston with Buerhle and Garland on the hill.  That looked promising as the White Sox grabbed a 4-0 lead for Buerhle, but when you win at home like the Red Sox do, they knew that a 4 run lead for the best pitcher in the AL didn’t mean anything. 

If the White Sox lose the best record in the AL, it could be a huge struggle in the playoffs.  The Red Sox showed that when you win at home, stats or players don’t matter.  Baseball is a sport where anything can happen and when you win at home, everything just goes your way no matter who you are playing.  Unfortunately for the White Sox, they have been struggling at home.  They always say that you need pitching to win in the playoffs, but being able to win at home is just as important. 

The White Sox saw that putting up 8 runs Friday in a game Buerhle was pitching didn’t matter.  The Red Sox still won.  That is how the White Sox were so successful the first half of the season.  Everything went their way and so did the wins.

So I’ll take my relaxing weekend in Wisconsin with Coldplay over the White Sox miserable rainy weekend in Boston.  But tonight both the White Sox and I will be at Comiskey Park, and we both know that we have to play better and find answers right now.  Podsednik is down and the bumps and bruises are piling up.  Maybe those answers will include a trade for Griffey, who apparently has cleared waivers.  Maybe the answer will be the offense picking up.  But the next 3 days we have our division rival in town.  It is a perfect opportunity to show the Twins that the Central division belongs to us now, and unlike them, we will represent the Central in the playoffs by actually winning a few games. 

But we will have to find the answers before we are ready to win in the playoffs.  And ironically, X & Y, the title of Coldplay’s new album refers to finding the answers to the unknown.  So in the words of Chris Martin, "Maybe you’ll get what you wanted, maybe you’ll stumble upon it, everything you ever wanted, in a permanent state." 

Let’ s get what we want: the answers. 


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