Embarassed in Minnesota

Let’s just say tonight has been the lowest part of the season so far.

Right now I’m in Minnesota for this 3 game series against the Twins.  My summer in Chicago is over and I have already moved into my apartment in Madison where I go to school.  So I decided to come to Minnesota for this series like I try to do once a year…Let’s just say I am regretting it.

Tonight it was just flat out embarassing to be a White Sox fan.  The papers in Minnesota this morning included columns about how it is almost a sure thing that the Sox will choke, and included stats that show it would not be surprising for the Twins to come back and win the Central because they are now 25-10 against the Sox during the second halves of the last 3 seasons.  Yeah that would be a new major leaque record of greatest deficit to overcome to win a division by the way.  I don’t want to say "’69 Cubs" but we would be way beyond that.  Does anyone else find this stuff scarry.  I mean this stuff is being written in the papers before the series even starts.  If you want to know the exact opposite of the way the Sox are playing right now, look at the optimisim in the Twin Cities and Cleveland.  It is really scarry right now.

You can say whatever you want about Johan Santana shutting us down, but the Sox right now are apathetic, lazy, and sparkless.  We have now scored in exactly 1 inning of our last 29.  That 1 inning was the 6 run 4th against Randy Johnson Sunday, a blink of offense that means nothing right now. 

Freddy Garcia pitched his heart out tonight.  He struggled to throw strikes like he always does early, but you could tell that he was as focused as he has been all year.  And that prevented the Twins from getting any hits until the 8th inning.  He had 2 strikes on Jaque Jones and there was an errie feeling like the Sox deserved to lose the game right there- certainly Freddy didn’t deserve to lose, but the rest of the team definately did.  Jones’ HR was an absolute bomb.  I didn’t even stand up to see if it actually went over the fence as all the Twins fans around me jumped up and down in my way.  I figured it had to land in the upper deck in dead center somehow.  I saw later on Sportscenter that it landed 30 or 40 feet past the 408 foot wall in center.  But it was 1 pitch.

Okay sure, Konerko was robbed and Ozuna would have had the go-ahead RBI if Lew Ford hadn’t run down his ball in the 8th (a ball that would have been out at Comiskey).  But our only hits tonight came from Geoff Blum and Ozuna who had two.  But oh wait, Ozuna was our lead off man, got on twice, stole a base, stretched what was basically an infield single into a double and scored how many runs?: ZERO.  I’m tired of these excuses about Podsednik being on the DL.  Ozuna did exactly what Scotty does and didn’t even score once because no one is hitting.  And Ozzie has no idea what he is doing with his lead off position.  I have been saying for two weeks that Ozuna should be in there every game, but no, Timo Perez is apparently God’s gift to the leadoff position.  In fact he is so good that in the 9th inning tonight, Timo had to pinch hit for Ozzie’s self-proclaimed MVP, Tadahito Iguchi.  Yeah Timo is THAT good. 

No one is playing like they care right now.  No one is focused.  Apparently the Sox want pity.  Poor Ozzie won’t be manager of the year anymore.  Johan pretty much won the Cy Young tonight, poor Buerhle and Garland. 

Hey in case you haven’t noticed our lead is only 7 games now.  Yeah so much for having the division won by Labor Day.  At this pace we will be in 3rd place by Labor Day, and that is the truth at the current pace we are losing games. 

So if you want pity Sox players, you certainly won’t be getting it from your fans.  I’m in Minnesota right now and am dreading going to the ballpark tomorrow, but I guess then again so are you guys and that’s exactly why we are losing.  And maybe this will be Ozzie’s lineup tomorrow: LF Perez, 1B Blum, C Widger, DH Konerko, CF Rowand, SS Uribe, RF Anderson, 3B Crede, 2B Ozuna.  Actually, that will probably Thursday’s lineup because everyone will need an off day after two losses.

Luckily I can wear a bag over my head at the game tomorrow while Buerhle throws a no-hitter and loses.  I’m not sure playing with a bag over your head would work, but hey, maybe it will actually help them see the ball better at the plate.



  1. themurph28@hotmail.com

    Permalink, you hit it on the head. This team is a joke. This is the reason ESPN didn’t even mention the Sox on their 50 states in 50 days. I watched them cover Illinois this morning and the discussed the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls, didn’t even acknoledge the Sox are in the city. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Now that I see how pathetic the Sox are playing, maybe they don’t exist in this city. Maybe this was all a bad dream. Maybe it’s time I move to a city with a winning tradition. Why did I believe a team with pathetic offensive stats in the first half could continue their success. Am I that stupid?

  2. whtsox4lfe22@yahoo.com

    I didnt expect the negativity out of you, I actually enjoyed reading your blog up until now. Stop watching the team if they embarass you that much, YOU and the other fans who talk like its time to throw the towel in EMBARASS ME!

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