Wednesday Morning from Madtown

Wow, I love the Internet.  I submitted "The Landlord" for an extra credit assignment in my Critical Internet Studies class and it was good enough to earn me a full letter grade boost on a quiz and five points added to my final exam.  If you haven’t seen this short video by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay then you must click on that link. It’s hilarious.

My final column of the year was published this morning as The Daily Cardinal goes on its summer hiatus tomorrow. You can read the entire column here, but I will also share an excerpt that Sox fans will probably want to read:

I look at the NL Central and can only hope the Cubs make a small comeback so the nation does not forget about the Brewers as they run away with a 20-game lead and their first division title since 1982.

The Brewers still need to make a move, though, if they want to be a serious contender once they are in the playoffs. Their biggest hole right now is at third base, where Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino are not major league starters. The Brewers could make a move for pitching, but if Corey Koskie does not return from his post-concussion exile (is the guy still alive?), Doug Melvin needs to grab a third baseman.

I can already see myself buying a Joe Crede Brewers jersey.

It sounds crazy and is probably unlikely, but it actually makes sense. Crede is under the White Sox control through 2008, but a long-term deal still seems unlikely as Scott Boras and Kenny Williams go together like lamb and tuna fish.

Crede is still very inexpensive for what he brings to the table. His glove would be an incredible improvement at the hot corner, and he could bat as high as fifth in the Brewers order. Melvin probably could not sign the guy to a long term deal, but Crede has already shown how clutch he can be in the World Series, and the two sides could still reach a deal through arbitration for 2008, when he would once again be trade bait and bring young players back to Milwaukee.

The deal really does make sense, but that’s just coming from a guy who knows his favorite player is leaving the South Side soon and still wants to see him play close to home.

I want to know what Sox fans think. If we must lose Crede, we can at least just drive up to Wrigley North to see him play.

The end of Cardinal production for the 2006-’07 school year also means the end of my reign as sports editor. It is only a one-year commitment and my time is up. It was a great experience though. I became a much better writer and learned more about journalism than any of my J-school classes taught me.

I’ll miss it, but I won’t miss it. The work was tough and I will certainly enjoy my senior year at Wisconsin covering basketball games and continuing my weekly column.

Finally, if you are wondering why I have not been writing much about how the White Sox have been playing, it’s because their play speaks for itself. My complaining has never been fun to read, so in the words of Dwight from The Office, I am choosing to shun the Sox right now.  That doesn’t mean I’m not watching/listening to the games, I am just trying my hardest to have a short memory everyday.

It’s easy to do that, though, when you are Wisconsin. The shun will most likely have to be lifted next week when I return to Chicago.

I guess that’s good news if you like listening to me complain.


One comment

  1. Jimmy

    They wouldn’t take Crede, they have a stud 3B prospect in Ryan Braun while his defense isn’t nearly as good as Crede’s his offense could easily match his.

    The Dodgers would be a more likely candidate.

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