Back for a new season

Well, I’m back. Finally, right?

I know some of you are already thinking of the excuses I will probably give and they are all probably right. Last year my postings tailed off right as things got bad for the White Sox, but if you have been reading this blog for the past three seasons then you know I’m certainly not a fair weather fan–I just got a lot on my plate.

And I should be more accurate. The postings did not just tail off… they literally stopped. My bad.

In all seriousness last summer was pretty crazy. I was working as much as I could at the Oak Street Beachstro in Chicago while traveling to Madison, Wis. every weekend to work an internship with NBC 15 Sports. Great experience, very time consuming, but it left me broke because of all the gas I had to buy.

Of course before I knew it Badger football was starting up and I was in Madison during the weeks as well covering fall camp. That led into the season, which led into basketball season and once basketball season starts my life is pretty much booked until UW loses in the NCAA Tournament.

Which brings us to last Friday. I was in Detroit covering the Sweet 16 loss to Davidson (yes, Stephen Curry is even better in person) and the first thing I said when the game was over was, “Well, at least opening day is Monday.” (The fact that beautiful Comerica Park was nextdoor to Ford Field was comforting.)

The timing could not have been perfect. It would have been great if the Badgers got a crack at Kansas on Sunday, but then I would have been driving back to Wisconsin in the middle of the night and would have been way too tired to enjoy the opening day festivities.

Anyway, I love the new MLBlog Network. Sox Pride looks better than ever and I don’t have to pay an annual fee anymore! Great news.

The other great news is that I’m here for good now. Basketball is over (well, at least for the Badgers) and my mind is completely turned to baseball.


Talk about a crazy game for the White Sox. I have a Slingbox on my computer to watch the games, but it was raining so hard in Chicago that my Dad’s satellite back home was cutting in and out. And obviously I didn’t realize that we get the first week of MLB Extra Innings FREE on our cable, so I was stuck listening to the radio.

“Stuck” is probably not the right word, however. Chris Singleton is gone, finally (you may remember this post  from a year ago), so listening to the games on the radio with Ed Farmer and Steve Stone is actually somewhat of a treat. Still, when the two of them are complaining about bad calls that are costing the Sox the game, I’m naturally going to want to see them myself.

I couldn’t see them, but there are three people in my life I trust the most: my mother, my girlfriend and Steve Stone. If Stoney says it’s a bad call then I believe it’s a bad call and I am naturally going to start throwing things around the room. Of course this gets all my roommates on their usual soapbox about how I overreact about bad calls (last month I nearly flipped the living room table over after the phantom foul that cost Stanford a win at UCLA that could have helped them win a share of the Pac 10 title. Note: I’m not even a Stanford fan and I watch about three Pac 10 games a year. It was bad call. Trust me.)

The truth is that they are right. What can I do from my room in Wisconsin? In my mind, however, that doesn’t change the fact that they were bad calls and instead of being up 10-7, the Sox ended up being down 10-7 and losing 10-8.

With that said, it was a pretty good opening day other than the performances of Mark Buerhle and Octavio Dotel. I feel like I haven’t seen that kind of offense since 2006. Oh wait, that’s because I haven’t seen that kind of offense since 2006.

Anyway, I have to cover a UW softball doubleheader against Loyola-Chicago tomorrow so I will probably miss the Sox game, but depending on the internet situation at Goodman Diamond I might be able to get it on my computer. Good reporting, right? I call it multi-tasking.

Hope you enjoyed the first post, I’ll be around all season and I will be at the home opener on Monday.


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