Broadcasters in the news

I spent much of the morning listening to callers call into The Score and complain about how Hawk and Ed Farmer each handled Gavin Floyd’s no-no bid last night.

“Hawk jinxed it,” one caller said. “‘Call your friends! Call your family! Gavin Floyd is 3 outs away from a no hitter!’ Are you kidding me? How can you jinx it so badly?”

“I was listening on the radio,” another caller said. “And I didn’t even know Floyd was going for a no hitter because Farmer wouldn’t even saying anything about it!”

Okay, only one of these two callers is right and it’s not the first one. I sincerly doubt that Hawk was the reason why Joe Mauer hit a double in the gap. As for Farmer, I wasn’t listening on the radio, but if he really didn’t mention the no hitter because he was afraid to jinx it, then he wasn’t doing his job. I’ve been broadcasting basketball, hockey and football games on the radio for two years now and our job is to describe in detail what is going on in the game. That’s sad if Farmer did not do that. But again, I wasn’t listening on the radio.

Hawks and Bulls jumble broadcast teams

The return of Pat Foley to the Blackhawks’ booth was the best news of the week in my mind. Foley never should have been forced out in the first place, but this is just another genius idea from John McDonough who continues to amaze me with his moves to generate interest in Hawks. I know I’m looking forward to next season.

As for the Bulls’ moves, I guess I don’t really understand them. If it ain’t broke then why fix it? Wayne Larivee is one of the best in the business and Tom Dore was holding his own with sub-par analysts. Meanwhile, Neil Funk and Bill Wennington were great on the radio so why break them up by moving Funk to television? Basically they went from having to three good play-by-play broadcasters to having only one.

On the flip side, I couldn’t be happier to see Johnny Red Kerr move to the studio.


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