Benson one to remember? Not Exactly

I’ve been reading The Best Chicago Sports Arguments by John Mullin off and on for a while now. It’s one of those books for the bathroom. Pick it up, read one of the 100 arguments in the book, do your business and put the book down.

The other day I cheated and skipped ahead to the last argument: “And Tomorrow? The Ones to Remember” and I have to call Moon out on this one. He writes: “A handful of athletes performing in Chicago now will be remembered with the greats of other eras.”

So who does he have as his future Bears Hall of Famer? Cedric Benson. He gone. Who does he have as his future White Sox Hall of Famer? Brandon McCarthy. He gone. Who does he have as his future Cubs Hall of Famer? Michael Barrett. He gone.

It’s actually pretty funny to read. I feel bad because we all make predictions and most of the time we are wrong. But this isn’t just wrong. It’s beyond wrong.

Moon on Benson: “Before (his career) finishes, Benson will threaten all of the records, including some of Walter’s … He is in a Bears offense that wants him to be a load-bearing wall. If he can approach Payton’s longevity of 13 seasons, he will leave the game as the number three back in Chicago behind only Walter and Gale.”

Haha, before he was cut this week, Benson might have been the number three back on this team behind a second-round rookie and Garrett Wolfe. Walter and Gale? Even if he didn’t have all the baggage Benson was never going to be one of Chicago’s greats.


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