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First week wrap-up

I spent Opening Day in Florida and laughed when I saw how cold it was back in Chicago. Wednesday my parents were at Comiskey and I was on the beach. It was probably the only time in my life that I was happy that I wasn’t at a Sox game.

That laugh disappeared quickly on Saturday, however, when I was sitting in the outfield freezing and the family was now in Florida. I felt a little silly because I was sitting there all tan but also all bundled up — a walking oxymoron. Well, at least a ***** because when I packed for spring break, I packed for Florida, not for baseball games played in January weather.

Dank you very much

I went to both games against the Twins over the weekend and I have to say that the thing I am most pleased about is … wait for it … duh, the pitching. Yes, the same thing I have been so negative about. How many times did I say during the Indians series: "Told you so."

But Saturday and Sunday Javier Vazquez and John Danks were awesome.

In fact, I propose that Bud Selig passes something that allows us to put an asterisk by Danks’ record for the rest of the season. It would look like this: Danks (0-1*)

*- Danks’ loss in his Major League debut was a quality start against Johan Santana. In fact, the Twins should be embarrassed that they only won 3-1 and the White Sox had a chance to tie the game in the ninth inning. If the Sox are tied with any team at the end of the season, they automatically get the tiebreaker because in a way, they didn’t really lose to the Twins on Easter Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m don’t really believe in moral victories. I’m saying that this should be a separate column in the standings and a one time exception. But I’m also a realist. If we can’t get an asterisk next to the stats of Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds, then I don’t think we can get one for John Danks.

A new Chicago Rowand?

Is anyone else getting the feeling that Darrin Erstad is going to be absolutely beloved by the City of Chicago by May?

I sat through two games (one of which he went 0-4) and I love the guy already.

Saturday he gets two hits and lays down a great bunt that would have been a hit if Punto didn’t make a great play (but he got Pods over on the play). Then Sunday he laid down another great bunt that should have been a hit, but Santana made a great play.

He’s solid in center, very fundamental, pretty good base runner, very nice guy … sound familiar? Now, Rowand is probably a better center fielder, but he could never be a successful No. 2 hitter. The only time Rowand got on my nerves was when he tried to bunt. Erstad can bunt.

First Hoge blowup

If you have ever seen me at a game (whether baseball, football or basketball) you know that sometimes I lose it and just start yelling at a player or coach.

My first blowup of the season came Sunday when Uribe swung and missed at three straight pitches from Santana. It wasn’t that he struck out, rather it was the fact that after each swing Uribe’s head was directly pointed at me sitting behind the third base dugout instead of pointed at the plate where the ball was.

I yelled at him, "Try looking at the ball next time!"

The next time up, Uribe hit a home run for the Sox’s only run of the game.

Sunday night TV

Sunday night television is back with Sunday Night Baseball, The Sopranos and Entourage all making their season premieres last night. And of course, you have Kenny Mayne on SportsCenter to close the evening. Seriously, Mayne’s return  to SportsCenter the last few Sundays has filled the void of Letterman and Conan on that night.

Give me a better night of television than one that includes Tony Soprano, Johnny Drama, Vinny Chase, Ari Gold and Kenny Mayne.