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LIVE BLOG: White Sox at Indians

I got the laptop on the couch and the game on the tube here in Madison, Wis. I’ll be posting periodically throughout tonight’s game:

Calling it a night

Cleveland 6, White Sox 1 – Top 7

Well it’s not looking good for the White Sox tonight. It is going to be tough to erase this deficit in the cold weather.

I going to keep the game on, but I’m closing up the blog for the night.

I’ll leave you with this new marking campaign I came up with: “Chicago Baseball: It is what it is.”

Mid-game links

Cleveland 2, White Sox 0 – Top 5

We knew this was going to be a pitcher’s duel. Vazquez has retired seven in a row and even though Carmona has allowed baserunners we all know that unless the Sox can get the ball out of the outfield, the Indians will get all the double-plays they need.

So this gives me a chance to throw out some links from the day:

  • First, here is my weekly column that comes out every Wednesday in the Daily Cardinal here in Madison. It’s about Indiana’s hiring of Tom Crean and how the Hoosiers are still going to struggle in an improved Big Ten next season.
  • For any other Badgers fans that come across this blog, Brian Lucas from UW Athletic Communications has a very in-depth post about the basketball team’s post-season travel. It’s pretty interesting.
  • Also enjoyed Leonard Shapiro’s column in the Washington Post detailing Chip Caray’s broadcasting career. Shapiro is currently teaching a sports writing class I am in here at Wisconsin.
  • I love this YouTube clip because it combines Gus Johnson and Stephen Curry. Having witnessed this layup in person, I can tell you that it was the most impressive layup I have ever seen live (and I have seen Michael Jordan in person).
  • This YouTube clip is horrible, but one of my buddies forwarded it to me and let me just say that you have wonder where the parents were. That’s all I will say.

Byrd provides some humor

Cleveland 2, White Sox 0 – Top 4

Because I’m watching the game on MLB Extra Innings, I am watching the Indians’ coverage of the game. The announcers were interviewing Paul Byrd during the bottom half of the 3rd and as Ryan Garko grounded out to Uribe to end the inning, they told Byrd to take them to the break.

“Garko hits a grounder to second and softly runs to first base just as I was talking about intensity,” Byrd said jokingly. “Get it going Ryan.”

Slowest team in baseball?

Cleveland 2, White Sox 0 — Bot 3

You know it’s bad when your roommate asks you if Joe Crede is your fastest player.

That really just happened.

Doubled up

Cleveland 2, White Sox 0 — Top 3

I’m pretty sure the White Sox are going to set a new record for double plays this season. The first thing I said when Paul Konerko walked to lead off the 2nd inning was: “Having Pauly on first is pretty much the same thing as having nobody on base.”

Of course the White Sox managed to hit into two double plays in one inning, which is pretty impressive when you consider that it’s not even possible. A.J. was bailed out on the first one by a generous “safe” call at first base and it only took one more pitch for Ramirez to hit into an actual double play.

Lead-off walk, hit, near double-play, actual double-play.

Sadly that won’t be the last time I have to watch that sequence of events this season.