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Live: White Sox at A’s

With the Sox on WGN tonight it allows me to do my first live running blog of the season from Madison, Wis.

10:04 p.m. CST– I really have never heard of this guy pitching for Oakland and quite frankly I can’t remember his name without keeping MLB’s Gameday open on my computer screen. Gaudin’s pitching well though and looks better than Garland who can’t keep his pitches down. Garland’s off speed pitch looks good though, but Gaudin’s breaking ball that is running outside is not only unhittable but it is also leaving hitters looking at fastballs right down the middle (i.e. Joe Crede to end the fourth inning).

10:10 — Flipping back and forth to the Brewers game in between innings and they just tied it 2-2 in the ninth on a J.J. Hardy ground-rule double. They would have taken the lead but Josh Willingham made a nice play on a Johnny Estrada line drive to end the inning.

I still love the fact that Joe Borchard and Miquel Olivo start for the Marlins.

10:16 — Apparently the Indians are bringing the snow to Wisconsin too. I heard earlier that a foot of snow is expected here in Madison so I assume it will snow in Milwaukee too.

I’m still hoping an unexpected snow storm hits Cleveland this weekend and they move the Sox series to Miller Park as well. I would be in Miller heaven.

10:19 — Way to run out that ground ball Pierzynski. You’re doing every thing you can to keep that average below .200.

10:32 — Did anyone else find Darrin Jackson’s obsession with Jason Kendall’s cleats back in the third inning a little creepy?

10:35 — Rain delay in Miami. Now the roommates can stop glaring at me for having the White Sox game on instead of the Brewer game.

10:38 — By the way, the MLB offices just annouced that Juan Uribe’s swing in the top of the fifth was officially the worst swing ever witnessed in the history of Major League Baseball.

Of course he somehow got an RBI on the next swing (which wasn’t much better, BUT HE DID KEEP HIS HEAD ON THE BALL). I swear every time I complain about his swing he does something good.

10:41 — The sinker is back. Those two grounders back to the pitcher were all on Garland. Way to pitch out of a leadoff triple.

10:42 — Is the WGN voice (you know the guy who does the "This game is brought to by …") not the greatest voice of all time?

It goes:

  1. WGN Voice
  2. Don LaFontaine, The Movie Trailer Voice (guy in this Geico commercial)
  3. God

10:59 — Well Cintron certainly just showed A.J. up by running out that fly ball and ending up on third base as Ellis dropped it. That was another example of the broadcasting jinx as Jackson talked about earlier in the game about how Mark Ellis only had two errors all last season.

Sunday in the Brewers game new play-by-play guy Brian Anderson jinxed Capuano’s perfect game by mentioning it in the third inning. The third inning?!? First off, it’s not even a perfect game in the third inning and second it was pretty funny because whoever was batting put the ball in the outfield within 2 seconds of Anderson finishing his sentence.

11:05 — BREAKING NEWS: Uribe just swung and missed at a high fastball.

11:08 — Officially my second freak out of the year as Podsednik was clearly not out of the batter’s box when that ball hit him … and the roommates are glaring at me again.

11:15 — Okay, I think D.J. just tried to attempt to tell us why Hawk isn’t in the booth tonight but I still have no idea why. Can someone in Chicago fill me in?

11:30 — Holy smokes, the Ford Drive of the Game was actually announced in the ninth inning. What happened to all the plays of the game that announce like each inning?

11:35 — This is bad.

11:42 — Stupid ex-Cub factor. Jack McDowell: "Throw a little high." Yeah Jack, a little high. Pods almost air-mailed the net behind home plate.

My roommate as Bradley scores: "Milton Bradley just pulled right muscles in his leg."

11:48 — Well at least Podsednik did his best Jose Canseco impression as he blew the game tonight. We are sitting here debating whether or not the ball hit the wall before it hit Pods’ head and the vote is 3-1 that it did. Either way it was a pretty funny way to go out tonight.

Tough loss though. I hate the City of Oakland.

… In the meantime, the radar looks bad so please snow in Cleveland this weekend.