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Yes, the Royals will decide the Central

As the White Sox begin a two-game set with the Royals in Kansas City, I present my theory on why KC will determine who the AL Central champ is:

We all know about the 60/60 rule in baseball. Every team will win 60 games and every team will lose 60 games. What matters is what you do in the other 42. In a unique year where four teams in the Central will be vying for two playoff spots, I immediately put each of those teams’ 19 games against the Royals in the 42 that determine your fate.

At 6-12, the Royals are (as expected) already out of this thing. But as the Tigers, Twins, Indians and White Sox all beat up on each other, they will still have their 19 games against the Royals — and they are all must-wins.

Now, none of the the four horsemen will go 19-0 against Kansas City, but it is conceivable that the AL Central Champion will have a 15-4 record against the Royals and the team that finishes in fourth place with have a 9-10 record against KC.

With that said, the White Sox will have to rebound from a tough-loss yesterday (unfortunately one that was in their hands and gets put in the 42 games that can go either way) and take both of these games in Kansas City.

There are no excuses. I don’t care if its April. Go 2-0.