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ESPY Thoughts

ESPN has got to be kidding me. The ESPY award nominations came out and the Boise State-Oklahoma game was not nominated for Best Finish or Best Upset. Thank goodness it’s at least nominated for Best Game.

So maybe ESPN doesn’t want the ESPYs to be like the Oscars where one movie wins eight awards, but sometimes a movie is that good.  In my mind, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl might as well be the Godfather.

Here’s my take on the 2007 ESPY Award Nominations:

Best Male Athlete

  • Roger Federer- He’s got to be the winner. This is basically the "Who is the Most Dominate Player Overall Award" and right now no one tops Federer in that category.
  • LaDainian Tomlinson- Had a great year and could end up winning this award.
  • Tiger Woods- Still amazing, but he won’t be able to win if people can say, "We’ve seen better out of him."
  • LeBron James- How can a guy who isn’t even in the conversation for NBA MVP be the best male athlete?
  • Peyton Manning- A ring can get you to the Hall, but Jim Sorgi has a ring now too.

Best Female Athlete

Candace Parker is great, but University of Arizona pitcher Taryne Mowatt pitched eight complete games in six days to lead the Wildcats to the 2007 NCAA Softball Championship

Best Team

Okay I know if you win a championship you are automatically nominated for this award, but the St. Louis Cardinals should not be up for this award. They were by far the worst team ever to win the World Series and ESPN has some major problems if they really have the Cardinals up for this award but failed to put the Fiesta Bowl up for the Best Upset/Finish.

Dare I say that the Tennessee Vols were the most dominate team, but overall the Gators basketball team gets my nod in this category.

Best Moment

The New Orleans Saints had a great year and nothing was sweeter than when they went back to the Superdome and beat the Falcons on Monday Night Football. A game for the ages.

Best Breakthrough Athlete

Kevin Durant is great, but I need to see him prove it at the pro level before I give him this award. Ryan Howard could win this, but he hasn’t been as dominant this year. I hate to vote for a kick returner, but Hester did have a record breaking season and he is a Bear.

Best Game

Boise State-Oklahoma… the best college football game ever.

Best Finish

Maybe they just wanted this to be a good debate by leaving the Fiesta Bowl out and there are some good finishes in this category. My vote goes to the Division II Championship game. This clip will do the explaining for me.

Best Upset

Two of the four of these nominees weren’t even upsets. The Tigers were better than the Yankees and the Gators were better than the Buckeyes. Rutgers could be deserving but upsets happen in college basketball because it’s single elimination. The Mavericks were a good team and the fact that the Warriors took them down in six games is the most impressive of all these nominees.

Best Play

I might be wrong, but didn’t Nathan Vasher’s field goal return win this category last year? Then Hester goes out and does the same thing in an even trickier fashion and doesn’t even get nominated?

Again… Boise State wins. They should win every award.

Best Coach/Manager

Four of the five nominees had the talent already in place before their great seasons. The one that didn’t was Jim Leyland who made a bunch of young men into some of the best players in Major League Baseball.

That’s all I have for now… hopefully some thoughts on the NBA Draft later this week.


A very overdue post

I apoligize for the long delay since my last post. Here are my excuses in chronological order: I was finishing finals/papers until May 15 … I was in Florida for a week after that … I went to Minnesota for the Twins-Sox series without my computer (didn’t want any negative posts like this one from August ’05) … My sister graduated high school … I started a new internship with the sports department at NBC 15 in Madison, Wis. … I didn’t want to write about a terrible baseball team.

A lot has happened since my last post. Back then we had a team that was technically in a pennant race. Now I’m just hoping we hold off the Royals. I hate to be so negative, but this season is over. You are kidding yourself if you really think the White Sox will still win 95 games, leap-frog three teams and win the AL Central. You need baseball players who can actually hit, you need an actual major league bullpen and you need players that are so lethargic.

I’m still going to do my best to enjoy the season, however. I accepted our fate after the Sox were swept in Minneapolis, but I still went to four straight games this week — unfortunately we lost all four of them. In fact, the White Sox are 0-7 in the last seven games I have been to.

So I guess it’s my fault.

When does Bears training camp start?

Wednesday Morning from Madtown

Wow, I love the Internet.  I submitted "The Landlord" for an extra credit assignment in my Critical Internet Studies class and it was good enough to earn me a full letter grade boost on a quiz and five points added to my final exam.  If you haven’t seen this short video by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay then you must click on that link. It’s hilarious.

My final column of the year was published this morning as The Daily Cardinal goes on its summer hiatus tomorrow. You can read the entire column here, but I will also share an excerpt that Sox fans will probably want to read:

I look at the NL Central and can only hope the Cubs make a small comeback so the nation does not forget about the Brewers as they run away with a 20-game lead and their first division title since 1982.

The Brewers still need to make a move, though, if they want to be a serious contender once they are in the playoffs. Their biggest hole right now is at third base, where Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino are not major league starters. The Brewers could make a move for pitching, but if Corey Koskie does not return from his post-concussion exile (is the guy still alive?), Doug Melvin needs to grab a third baseman.

I can already see myself buying a Joe Crede Brewers jersey.

It sounds crazy and is probably unlikely, but it actually makes sense. Crede is under the White Sox control through 2008, but a long-term deal still seems unlikely as Scott Boras and Kenny Williams go together like lamb and tuna fish.

Crede is still very inexpensive for what he brings to the table. His glove would be an incredible improvement at the hot corner, and he could bat as high as fifth in the Brewers order. Melvin probably could not sign the guy to a long term deal, but Crede has already shown how clutch he can be in the World Series, and the two sides could still reach a deal through arbitration for 2008, when he would once again be trade bait and bring young players back to Milwaukee.

The deal really does make sense, but that’s just coming from a guy who knows his favorite player is leaving the South Side soon and still wants to see him play close to home.

I want to know what Sox fans think. If we must lose Crede, we can at least just drive up to Wrigley North to see him play.

The end of Cardinal production for the 2006-’07 school year also means the end of my reign as sports editor. It is only a one-year commitment and my time is up. It was a great experience though. I became a much better writer and learned more about journalism than any of my J-school classes taught me.

I’ll miss it, but I won’t miss it. The work was tough and I will certainly enjoy my senior year at Wisconsin covering basketball games and continuing my weekly column.

Finally, if you are wondering why I have not been writing much about how the White Sox have been playing, it’s because their play speaks for itself. My complaining has never been fun to read, so in the words of Dwight from The Office, I am choosing to shun the Sox right now.  That doesn’t mean I’m not watching/listening to the games, I am just trying my hardest to have a short memory everyday.

It’s easy to do that, though, when you are Wisconsin. The shun will most likely have to be lifted next week when I return to Chicago.

I guess that’s good news if you like listening to me complain.

NFL Draft musings

Let me tell you that I usually like the NBA Draft more than the NFL Draft. It’s not that I like the NBA because if you read my stuff enough, you know that I do not. I just know college basketball more than college football and I usually know at least something about each player drafted (Note to Mel Kiper: You should have gone with basketball rather than football. There is big difference between knowing 60 players and knowing 300 players). But I have to admit that Saturday was a ton of fun. I have never watched that much of the draft, but it was worth it. I will admit though, that if Brady Quinn had gone in the Top 10, I would have turned it off by 2 p.m. Which brings me to my first point…

Never have I changed my mind about a player so fast than I did Saturday with Quinn. Oh, I still don’t think he will be a Pro Bowl quarterback, but my opinion about the guy is sky high right now.

If you listened to any of our radio shows last week, I was totally against this kid. He never showed me anything at Notre Dame and I really didn’t think he should be a Top 10 pick. A TOP 10 PICK. No. 22? I still thought he was top 15, and certainly top 20. By pick No. 15 the fact Quinn hadn’t been picked went from being annoying like Matt Leinert last year to being extremely exciting. My buddies and I made a pool about where he would end up and one guy actually got it right by saying Cleveland would trade up.

Where did I predict he would go? No. 31 to the Chicago Bears. That’s right. The guy I wanted to see agonize as team after team passed on him was suddenly my draft target and a guy I wanted competing against Rex Grossman. If you think about it, it’s not that hypocritical. I didn’t think Quinn was a top 10 quarterback, but he would have been a steal at No. 31. Plus, he will still probably be better than Grossman.

There was so much excitement adding up as Quinn kept slipping, that I started thinking ESPN should have brought in Gus Johnson to do play-by-play. I can only imagine his reaction when the Browns’ trade came in.

"Oh my, we have a trade. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OHHHHH. The Browns take Brady Quinn. HA, HA! You’re watching ESPN. This is April madness!!"

If that doesn’t make sense to you then you haven’t seen this YouTube clip.

The award for funniest moment in the draft came when the Packers picked Justin Harrell at No. 16. The clip ESPN showed of the little kids booing back in Green Bay was classic.

Congratulations to Joe Thomas who deserved to go in the top 3. I had him going to Cleveland in that spot and I’m actually happy that Cleveland got back in the game for Brady Quinn, because Thomas needs to be blocking for a least a decent quarterback or his talent is being wasted.

It’s too bad John Stocco wasn’t drafted because he could put up a good fight in any training camp. The Bears stole Chris Leak by signing him to a free agent contract Sunday night, but I would have loved to see Stocco beat out Kyle Orton for the No. 3 QB job in Chicago.

Other Badgers: Roderick Rodgers found a home in Denver. He deserves to be on someone’s roster. And my prayers go out to the New York Jets who wasted money on former UW linebacker Mark Zalewski.

Finally, I hate to switch sports but I have to give props to my Baby Bulls for sweeping the Heat. I had them winning in seven, but most people didn’t give them a chance. I think they have a great chance to beat the Pistons. My early pick is Bulls in seven.

Happy and sad thoughts: A no-no and Virginia Tech

Last night I went from being extremely frustrated to being extremely excited in just five minutes. As the Bulls game was coming to a bitter end, ESPN’s Bottomline said that the Buerhle had a no-hitter through 7.1 innings. I immediately got the radio going and sat there with my roommates as we listened to one of the greatest things that can happen in baseball.

Congratulations to Mark who deserved it. In the end, last night might make it harder on the White Sox to keep Buerhle, but it has been so long since he has had something come so easy for him.

Meanwhile, the Bulls absolutely blew it last night. Without complaining about it, however, I am excited to see another Heat-Bulls series. This has become a pretty good rivalry over the past two seasons and Hinrich and Nocioni have already stirred the pot by saying that they would welcome a series against Miami. Apparently the Heat weren’t too happy about those comments.

Unfortunately, Game One is during the Badgers’ spring game Saturday, but it should be a good series. The Heat tried to give the Bulls the series last year but we didn’t take it. I see the Bulls winning this year in 7 games … that is of course, unless James Posey takes out the entire team.

The other news of the week is that I am finally 21. Monday was my birthday and it was a fun night. The last guy in our house turns 21 on Saturday so by the time this week is over it could be one of the best ever. I’ll consider the no-no last night as my birthday present from Mark Buerhle.

I hate to end this post on a depressing note, but with my birthday on Monday, I never got the opportunity to write about the Virginia Tech shootings.

I send my thoughts and prayers out to every one involved. This tragedy has affected a lot of people directly and millions indirectly. Being on a college campus myself on Monday, it was really errie. It has made a lot of people scared to go to class which is sad. I was certainly thinking about it a lot yesterday when I was in class in a small room with no windows in a hallway that has a lot of similar classrooms.

We are all thinking about Virginia Tech and will continue to send out our prayers.

The Virginia Tech Alumni Association has asked everyone to wear maroon and orange tomorrow Friday, April 20. I will be proud to do so and I urge everyone out there to do the same.